Monday, June 15, 2015

Assignment that I Am Most Proud of

I am most proud of my work on the levitation photographs. I worked very hard to learn how to use and manipulate Photoshop in order to do this project. I thought the end result was incredible, but the part I am most proud of is the resilience it took to make it to this point. At first I had tons of trouble figuring out how to do things like make a shadow or make a duplicate of an image. As I struggled, however, I learned many new things about Photoshop. At the end, I managed to use new tools and ended up creating a very nice result. My favorite part about the image is how realistic the reflection in the water looks. I found this tool using trial and error and lots of time. It was definitely worth it, though, because I created a realistic levitation photograph in the end. This project impacted my learning because it forced me to think about things and figure out the problems I faced. When future issues arise, I think I will be much more persistent in figuring them out.

Most Memorable Experiences

The two most memorable experiences of this semester have been the in class projects and the making of contact sheets for homework. In-class projects have allowed me to work with friends as well as people that I may not usually work with. They have given me a unique outlet to voice my personality in conjugation with others. I learned how to combine ideas with others to create a piece that reflects the ideas of all of us. I think this really impacted my learning by teaching me to better cooperate with others and use different ideas to create an even better piece than I could on my own. The homework assignments of taking sixty pictures really allowed me to do homework creatively and thoughtfully. Unlike other homework where I have to sit down and focus, photography allowed homework to be enjoyable and fun. I was able to do this kind of homework wherever I was. I feel like this helped me realize that homework doesn't necessarily have to be something that coincides with dread and fatigue. It can actually be enjoyable. I think I will take this with me when working on a tough problem: I will try to make it fun and interesting in order to solve the issue. Overall, there aren't many classes where I can have fun whilst doing work in the class. Photography has definitely opened my eyes to the idea that school is not all about getting good grades and passing. It is about finding something that is interesting enough to do for the rest of one's life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Photos with Quotes

I think two of the most important things I learned from this project were how to make a message more powerful and how to work with text in photoshop. Pictures can definitely make a quote much more inspiring. Especially when the quote is placed uniquely, it can draw the viewer's attention. Photoshop was key in making the message come across. It was interesting to learn how to manipulate the words using color, size, and font. In the future, I will be able to spread a message more convincingly if I need to. This skill could become very handy in marketing or advertising. Overall, I think this was a very fun project.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

Pinhole Camera: a camera with a pinhole aperture and the absence of a lens

Since I had no prior experience with pinhole cameras, everything was new. The most interesting things I learned were the processes used to create the image, process the image, and make it positive. I found it really interesting to learn the process used to actually capture the image. It is so simple and easy to understand, yet it is still difficult to create the perfect image. The hardest thing to manage is the exposure to light. Being off by just seconds can alter the image. I usually uncovered the hole for about thirty-five seconds, which I found to work extremely well. It was interesting to learn how to process this kind of image in a dark room. I enjoyed placing the picture in different chemicals and timing it. The anticipation of seeing how the photo would turn out was immense. I found it interesting how each chemical provided different things to the processing of the picture. I also found it interesting how over the years, artists and photographers have learned the exact amount of time needed to create the best possible image. The third thing I found interesting was learning how to manipulate photoshop into making my image positive. I had never used these tools before and it was easy to do.

I really enjoyed this project. I especially liked the result that I achieved above. I liked how free the process was and how I was allowed to work at my own pace. I didn't have to rely on anyone for anything. The best part of the project was definitely seeing how each picture turned out after being in the dark room. While taking the picture was a process in itself, the end result was easily the best part. I also like timing the pictures to perfection and running back and forth between the camera and where I wanted to pose. The cameras all worked well and I found it fun and easy to make very interesting negative, black and white pictures.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creative Portraits/Self-Portraits

I think both pictures really reflect the journey people face throughout their lives. I feel as though the lower picture should go first. It represents picking up the bike and getting started on the long journey to success, or to some goal in life. In the other picture, it appears that the journey has already begun. Though he has gone some ways since his start, he still has an indeterminable distance to travel. The journey toward a goal can be long and sometimes strenuous. The only thing a person can do is pick up their bike and tie up their shoes, and begin. He must continue walking until he has reached his destination. Then, he will achieve success.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who Am I

I would define myself as a person primarily focused on academics, family, and sports. Though my favorite sport is soccer, I also ski for fun in the winter, and I play tennis in the spring. When I'm not doing school work or playing sports, I enjoy doing activities with my friends like pond hockey or basketball. In the summer, I like to go hiking and enjoy nature. The most important things in my life are my family, school, and my friends. I mow lawns in the summer to make money. My goal as of now is to go to college. After that, I have no clue what I want to do with my life. I do know, however, that I want to make a lot of money. I basically just want people to know that although I can have a lot of fun, I am also a very focused person when it comes to school and extracurricular activities. For this project, I am planning to do soccer. I have videos and pictures from when I was a kid up until now to illustrate how much the sport has meant throughout my life. I may change my mind after looking through everything, but as of now I think soccer is the best option.